the gunnWell hello there.  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leah Gunn and, as far as I know, I am not related to Tim Gunn (but kind of hope I am).

I am a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in fine art photography, but I also do a lot of headshots and event photography because it is so fun.

I like cats and long walks anywhere but the beach because sand gets everywhere.

I prefer red wine to white, but a good beer over either.

My favorite flowers are Gerber Daisies and Sunflowers.

DSC_9078I pretend to like sports sometimes to make my husband happy.

When I am not taking amazing pictures of you, I nanny two fantastic little children (and take way too many pictures of them).

I am obsessed with Superman.

Popcorn is my favorite food.

And I can’t wait to get know more about you. 🙂

Leah has been published on Flickr’s blog, comolahice.com, Lovely magazine, and Talent Monthly . She has been accepted into RAWartists and StudioVox.

Her clientele includes a Miss USA and actor Graham Shiels.