General FAQs

I want to book you! How do I make that happen?

E-mail me! leah@gunnpointphotography.com – Then we will chat about what exactly you want and need so that I can make sure we are the perfect fit.

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Hey! I love your art stuff. Do you ever need models? If so – how does that work?

Yes. I do need models of all types. Frequently I draw from those I already know and know will work well in my vision, but if you are interested in modeling for me I can add you onto my list. Just shoot me at email with a recent photo. If any projects come my way that fit you – I will let you know.

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What do you use to shoot?

I shoot with Nikon bodies and an assortment of prime lenses. My Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 is what is on my body 90% of the time.

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Do you ever use second shooters or let new photographers tag along on your shoots?

If the time and place is right – I have been known to do this. I like being able to pass on knowledge and grow up others in their creative voices. I do occasional workshops too for my more specialized shoots.

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Do you do any kind of proofs or do you do final image selection yourself?

This depends on the shoot. For headshots I always do digital proofs for the client so they can pick their top choices, but for special event/wedding/family portraits I typically pick the best and edit from there. It streamlines the workflow and lets you enjoy your final images as they are meant to be seen without the hassle of filtering through thousands of files.

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Is edited included in your final price?

Yes. Unless you ask for something that will be an extraordinary amount of extra work after we have established a final price, that price will not change. I do not believe in hidden costs.

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What do you use to edit your images?

I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS and a lot of imagination.

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How many images can I expect to receive?

This depends greatly on the length of the shooting session, but here are some rough estimates based on past experiences:

  • 2-hour headshot : 150-300
  • 1-hour headshot : 75-200
  • 3-hour engagement: 200-300
  • wedding (depending on length of day) : 200 – 750
  • family mini session : 20 – 50
  • family full session : 50 – 100

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How long does it take you to edit your images and get them to me?

For headshots I send out digital proofs within 48 hours of the shoot. For larger shoots my contract says five weeks, but normally it takes closer to two or three.

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Do I need a print release to get physical copies of the photos you take?

Some places are more strict about have a physical print release than others, so I always include a print release with the digital files when I send them to you just to avoid any such unpleasantness. Lost the print release file I sent you? Shoot me an email and I will get you a new one : leah@gunnpointphotography.com

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Help! I lost my images! Can you send them to me again?

Occasionally yes, but normally not. Due to the size of the files and the volume I shoot it is not practical for me to keep every shoot I do in full on my servers. Once I give the images to you and have confirmation that you received them, I make room for the next shoots. So be sure you put them in a safe place, back them up, and enjoy!

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