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Nicole [headshot]

I had the pleasure of shooting a full portfolio of looks for Nicole recently. We shot for two hours and fit in six different looks! I never charge for extra looks. I feel like if you pay for my time, we should work together to get you the most bang for your buck.

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Sam Valentine [headshot]

When you combine grace and kindness with a delightfully beautiful face – you have Sam Valentine. This girl could sell me anything and I would buy it. Have you heard of Sam Valentine? Because I have a feeling you will hear about her soon.

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Lenny Hernandez [headshot]

You may have seen this talented fellow on Netflix in the movie Bachelor Night or his self-produced webseries Tequila Mockingbird showing off his serious comedic chops. When he is not out there trying to make us all laugh with his effortless wit, he is busy giving kick butt shots like this and building a great […]

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Emily Bolt [headshots]

Three words that came to mind when I was shooting with Emily were bubbly, hilarious, and sharp. This girl knows how to laugh and not take anything too seriously, but also how to keep you on your toes. Shooting with her was so fun and effortless that we shot almost an extra half an hour […]

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steven m

Steven Moreti [headshot]

You will never meet a more passionate or committed man than Steven. His love of his family and his love of acting shone through so powerfully during our session and I could see how well that passion would translate onto the screen. This guy is the real deal!

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Jenna King [headshot]

Smart, strong, determined – this girl is the entire package. Not only is she editor-in-chief of a magazine of her own creation, she is a law student on top of auditioning. This girl does it all!

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