Lenny Hernandez [headshot]

You may have seen this talented fellow on Netflix in the movie Bachelor Night or his self-produced webseries Tequila Mockingbird showing off his serious comedic chops. When he is not out there trying to make us all laugh with his effortless wit, he is busy giving kick butt shots like this and building a great […]

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Super Paulsmall

The Art of Belief

Never let your dreams stay dreams. Go out and do. Thanks to Paul Turbiak for being the most fun when it came to realizing this story. Up, up, and away!                  

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Dylan’s Second Birthday [event]

The best part about photographing birthday parties of little people (besides the cupcakes!) is the joy that is always there. These children are always surrounded by more affection than they know what to do with and it makes for the best shooting environment. I always feel honored to come capture little moments from these festivities […]

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Emily Bolt [headshots]

Three words that came to mind when I was shooting with Emily were bubbly, hilarious, and sharp. This girl knows how to laugh and not take anything too seriously, but also how to keep you on your toes. Shooting with her was so fun and effortless that we shot almost an extra half an hour […]

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Paul and I had a beach adventure to try to capture different aspect of his personality.  I think it worked.

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Cody and Jo [engaged]

About two months before the day, Cody contacted me to let me know he was proposing to his longtime girlfriend and was throwing a surprise engagement party for her immediately after with some of their closest friends. He asked if I would be willing to come snap off a few shots. Of course I was […]

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